It’s October!

Happy October Everyone.  October is an exciting month!  Fall begins (I think {At least the temps change like it’s fall}), most of my shows are in full swing by October, It’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month (Check those boobs!), Halloween (Candy), The time changes (We all get to sleep another hour in the mornings) and the wasps all die or hide (my favorite).

What does everyone have planned for this month?  I’m excited because this is Anna’s 4th Halloween and she is really getting to an age where she can enjoy it.  I remember being a little kid and trick or treating.  I remember coming home from the night and hovering over my candy to ensure my dad didn’t steal any tootsie rolls.  I remember my sister who is 6 years older than me tricking me into trading her milky ways for tooth brushes (ass).  I remember one year and I think I was about a year older than Anna – it snowed!  Like straight up – honest to goodness- snowed!  I remember being in my dad’s little camper truck and wearing his huge (to me) ropin’ gloves so my little fingers didn’t freeze off.  I’m pretty sure that year I was a witch.  I am not only remembering what it feels like to be a kid but enjoying my time as an adult.  A few years ago when holidays like Christmas, Halloween and Easter would pass by, I remember being sad that they weren’t as fun as what I remembered them being as when I was a kid.  I remember thinking in those years that I would never have that feeling of excitement back.  But I was wrong.  To see your child go through all that enjoyment and fun is almost as fun as enjoying those holidays as a kid yourself.  Not quite, but almost, and much more than I ever expected.

I had a very innocent childhood.  Nothing bad really ever happened to me and I never really had any worries.  Of course I thought life was pretty intense but looking back I thank god for that innocence.  It’s amazing life was like that for me and a lot of people are surprised to hear it.  I had parents who divorced when I was 7.  My home never felt broken to me though.  My parents were both in my life a lot and my parents had a relationship more like a long distance relationship, rather than a divorced one so I never really felt the effects that I think many kids from divorced parents do.  Anna’s father and I are divorced as most of you know and I always wonder what kind of childhood we are giving Anna.  Is it carefree?  Stressful?  I hope I’m giving her a childhood somewhat like the one my parents gave me even though it’s quite apparent to everyone including her that we are no longer together.  Before I get into too much of a serious talk, I wanna end this blog on a good note.  I hope everyone has a wonderful October and you enjoy my blog this month.  XO!  Lots of post idea for this month coming up so stay tuned in!

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