All About Heidi

I can’t dance worth a hoot.  I cry on those humane society commercials.  My daughter is gorgeous.  I have a cat.  My boyfriend is better than yours, guaranteed.  I love hunting camo with pink text on it.  I can sing.  I’m pregnant.  I will chew a whole package of bubblegum in a day.  I would still eat chapstick if I were 8.  I crave chinese food constantly, in fact, I’m craving it right now.  I don’t glisten, I sweat.  I have never listened to a church sermon I’ve attended in my life because I get distracted.  I pick arguments when I’m in a bad mood.  I hate crying in front of people.  If you call and wake me up, I will lie and say I wasn’t sleeping.  I love pumpkin pie.  The temperature of my butt cheeks is always cold.  I drive a standard.  I’m kinda round.

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