Heeeeeeeeey Macarena!

Well good morning friends!  I was awfully tired this morning and had to break down for some coffee.  Second cup in 9 weeks, not too bad huh?  Well now baby is in there doing the Macarena.  I’ve read online and many sites say you can’t feel the baby until about 15 weeks but it just so happens I could see Anna poking me around 15 and could feel her poking me around 13 so I don’t wanna hear that it’s just gas in there having it’s own Saturday Night Fever because that baby is going wild.  To those of you who are thinking “she shouldn’t be having caffeine” I say to you: Oh my gosh, Th…ank YOU! Are you SURE? I had NO idea. My doctor said it was fine, thank god you are here to save me from-what is it exactly the caffeine will do?

Let me just share with you my most recent hormonal action.  Because to be honest even though I reacted a little crazy I think my argument had some merit.  Yesterday I was talking about how it makes me mad that everyone thinks the dad of a baby in a belly should get one last hoo-rah before the baby is born but so few say much about a hoo-rah for mom.  Everyone says “yeah he needs to have a weekend at the casino or a weekend hunting trip with his buds”.  Ummm so Mommy gets to stay back where it’s hard for her to sleep in the FIRST place and impossible while he’s not there while dad gets his last hoo-rah?  Isn’t dad getting his last hoo-rah for the nine months he he is experiencing the absence of puking, crying, constipation, tossing and turning, peeing 4 times a night, not having to go through major surgery and lacking a massive scar on his belly from the removal of an 8 lb+ child a pretty big hoo-rah?  I’m just saying, if dad get’s one, Mom’s should be twice as expensive and lovely.  Mom getting a last hoo-rah is a little hard first of all because of fetal alcohol syndrome and almost everyone associates hoo-rahing with alcohol.  Anyways I started crying when I was talking about this.  But really, why is that fair?  Where the hell is my hoo-rah?  Just wondering.

So I read that article that I got all excited about yesterday and I didn’t get to tell you about my weekend.  Saturday morning Robbie and I rose early to head to Branson/Eureka Springs for the weekend.  The drive down there was gorgeous.  I had to stop exactly 3 times to pee and Robbie was thrilled.  Once we got down there I was so surprised.  Eureka is this tiny little town of houses perched within the cutout rocks and “two lane/two way” roads with barely enough room for one car.  What surprised me about it was the way it looked.  It almost reminds me of what I would imagine an old European Village to look like.  I honestly was waiting to see little gnomes strolling around it’s narrow brick streets  I expected to be coming into a downtown-ozark look but that wasn’t the case at all.  After driving around for about 30 minutes and Robbie assuming every male walking without a female was a homosexual we found parking.  Now, he wouldn’t admit it but I know for a fact that even he had some difficulty getting parallel parked on that hill and who wouldn’t?   The town was adorable and pleasant and had all kinds of cute little shops.  Some pricey, some not too bad and we were able to buy a few little souvenirs for Anna and had an amazing cheap little pizza lunch down there.  Then we headed to our cabin.  It’s a new resort down on Table Rock that was a sweet little place because the couple that owns it bought it about two years ago and you can tell they poured their heart and soul into it.  Our little cabin wasn’t big but it was cute and cozy with the beds giving a little bit of a lot to desire but it wasn’t a bad place at all.  That evening we went to the landing in Branson, walked the boardwalk and even got to witness a proposal on the lake which was actually my second one that I’ve gotten to see.  Thankfully so considering I will probably be waiting years before I experience one of my own – just kidding…. kind of ;).

Sunday we woke up a little tired but relaxed and ready to go lay around at home.  When we got back home I was ridiculously productive which tells me I had a good weekend overall.  Now it’s the work week and we are back but tomorrow is hump day and another Saturday is quickly approaching.

I think Robbie and I found our Halloween costume’s for his parent’s first annual Halloween party.  I’m not gonna say what it is but is it inappropriate for Robbie to show up without his shirt because a shirt will ruin his costume?  I on the other hand will be completely clothed despite what many pregnancy costumes entail (a bare painted belly), not dissing anyone but I’m just not confident enough to party down with my belly out, pregnant or not.  Anyways, I’d like your opinions on this whole topless thing for Robbie.  Mind you, he’s a hairy guy which will apply to his costume nicely.  I guess that’s all for today.  Hope you enjoyed!

It’s Friday… Again… yay.


It’s Friday.  I’d love to say my day was awesome and I can’t wait for the weekend.  You got the 2nd part right.  I can’t wait for the weekend but this day has not been awesome and right now I just kind of have a sourpuss outlook on the whole day.

My day starts out with a call from the collection agency of my previous lender on my Saturn (my old car).  They called to tell me they haven’t gotten payment on the Saturn yet from the dealership after over 3 weeks and they have to have a payment by the 28th or my Saturn is at risk of repossession.  Okaaaaaay.  Funny thing Old Lender, I don’t even know where the hell my old damn car is!!!!!!  So with that being said, how on earth did they plan to repossess it?  So first I call the dealership where I got my car with plans to demand an explanation.  That is if I could talk to someone other than someone who says “operator” at the time of pickup.  So I go through 3 people and finally it sounds like I’m going to get to someone who knows what they are talking about.  VOICEMAIL!  OF A LADY!  A LADY WHO HAS IGNORED 2 PREVIOUS VOICEMAILS! UGH!  Youngblood starts slowly to plummet to the bottom of my “angie’s list”.  So I hang up and jump on their website and find a chat with someone on there named Aeden.  Aeden tells me management will get ahold of me promptly regarding the matter.  NOONE calls me.  So then I call them again, asking for the pre-owned part of the dealership and I talk to a Brad.  Brad tells me he will check into this and call me back in 5 minutes.  Of course I don’t believe him because of the run around I’ve already been given, but sure!  Then about 15 minutes later Brad calls me back to tell me the check for the payoff has been sent off to my old lender and there’s nothing to worry about.  Ummmm!  Yes there is!  They are saying they haven’t gotten it.  Then I finally get an email from my stupid old lender saying he has talked to Youngblood and the check is on it’s way.  Everything is ok on his end.  I HATE YOU YOUNGBLOOD AND GREAT SOUTHERN!  Your both stupid!  Good thing that miscarriage from stress is basically an urban legend you jerks!  I have been stressing all day and then you both act like it’s no big deal.  Like you haven’t stressed me out all damn day.

So the weekend.  I’m going on a baby-moon – sorta.  A baby-moon is getaway that you go on before the baby is born as kind of a last hoo-rah of alone time.  Well since I have about another 28 weeks to go there’s a good chance another baby-moon is in our cards or will at least be needed in our cards before the baby gets here but still.  Its a cabin in Branson and even though it isn’t far from home, my mind is going a million miles away.  So be warned now – if your going to call me over the weekend, it better be important.  Otherwise, I don’t wanna talk to you.  Anyways, we have a movie we are going to, a nice restaraunt and this cute little cabin on the lake so I think it will be a nice getaway.  I’ve been really stressed lately with work and have stayed super busy so I need it and so does Robbie (wherever he is, bc he too has been difficult to reach today but thats a whole other rant)

I guess that leads me to a funny quote that I read off of that blog I’ve been a little to obsessed with lately…. This is pulled from the post titled 10 things to never say to a pregnant woman:

8. “Was this an accident?” A woman’s reply to this should always be “suck my dick.” It’s a nice, clean, confusing retort for someone that is rude enough to ask this kind of question.”

Bahahaha yep,  I don’t see the clean in that retort but that’s about how I’m feeling right now.  See the post here:

Pregnant Chicken: 10 Things to Never Say to A Pregnant Woman

Hope you enjoyed!  Have a good weekend!

What’s In A Name?


I haven’t written a blog since August like tenth.  So there has been a lot that’s happened.  The obvious of what has happened is that I got a new blog completely.  Why?  Well a couple of reasons.  First – my blog’s name was Our Life According to Jax.  What is in a name?  Shouldn’t a name apply to you?  Well unfortunately my last blog had our blue heeler’s name on it.  Our blue heeler, Jax.  Jax got a little bigger than planned and in turn forced us to give him up to a nice family in High Point, Missouri.  So – I didn’t feel it appropriate to have his name in my blog name any longer.  Coming up with a name for a blog is not easy stuff, I’m telling you!  I played with a lot of names but I figured since this is my blog the name should reflect me.  My two favorite things right now – my grey suede boots and my milkshakes, haha.  Not only that, but a milkshake.  What does it take to make a milkshake?  Well minimally it takes some type of milk based product, and usually some ice cream.  But you can add so many things to it.  Ovaltine, chocolate syrup, banana’s, strawberries, even sprinkles.  Well, my family is kinda like a milkshake.  My family as in 3+1 of us.  There’s Me, who I would say is probably the milk.  I’m the base of the family that kinda keeps everyone else in line, then you’ve got the ice cream, my daughter, the ice cream comes second (she happens to come first) and add’s the sweet part that you can’t be without.  Anna’s the ice cream.  Then you’ve got Robbie.  I’d call Robbie the malt flavor, the part that brings the whole thing together and gives all the support to the ice cream and the milk.  Then of course you got the sprinkles.  The part that really may not even be noticed other than appearance right now but later, you’ll notice they are there once you start eating them.  The sprinkles – is the baby.  To those of you who are reading and don’t know, Robbie and I are expecting my second child and his first late March of next year.  The reason we all make such a tasty milkshake is because we’re all mixed together even though we didn’t originate in the same place.  So there’s the reason for my name.

Well, what have we been up to since August 10th?  It’s only been, what about 38 days so nearly 8 weeks.  Well, as I said above, I’m pregnant.  With my second child and I couldn’t be happier.  You know what question I love?  Are you getting married?  No.  Why does that have to be a consequence of pregnancy?  Am I getting married someday?  Yeah, I’m sure I will!  Am I marrying Robbie?  Yes!  I’m sure I will.  But how can we live in a world where things so widely unaccepted years ago like gay marriage and partial birth abortions are accepted by people but when you get pregnant- head to the chapel!  I’m not saying domestic partnerships and partial birth abortions are equal because they are not.  I am completely ok with gay marriage and in no way support abortion.  I’m just saying, in a world full of liberalism and freaking Obama, why would a liberal person tell someone they need to get married before having birthed the baby they conceived pre-engagment or pre-wedding if they aren’t ready to say I do?  Does it have to do with commitment?  No.  Not for me.  First of all, I don’t want to walk my fat pregnant ass down an aisle while our friends and family whisper about our motives.  Second of all, I’ve been divorced.  I’m not in a rush.  I want my wedding to be beautiful and country.  I will never stand in front of a judge and say “I do” again.  I want to save the ridiculous amounts of money it takes to buy the exact dress I want, I want the wedding I want and dreamed of and everyone knows they don’t come cheap!  I want us both to have the rings that although won’t be massive rocks they will be the ones we want to wear for the rest of our lives.  Among everything else, I just don’t want the stigma.  I would marry Robbie tomorrow.  I committed to loving him a long time ago and that didn’t require a ring or a piece of paper.  I know I’ll be with him for life and eventually, we will put that down on a contract so if I ever go into a coma he can decide to pull the plug or let me live.  But right now, we love each other and we don’t have to do the stereotypical thing and get married right now.    So, if you were wondering, wonder no more!  I am not marrying Robbie right now and my dad isn’t chasing him with a shotgun either.  Another question I get is did I want this baby, was it on purpose?  Well —- the long and short of it, It’s really noones business if I wanted, want it or if I got pregnant on purpose.  Assume what you will.  But first, ask yourself this.  Aren’t we two consenting adults who could choose or not choose to use birth control?  Also ask yourself, would two people unexcited plaster things about their pregnancy all over facebook and discuss with it friends and family in an excited manor?  So – if you have to ask, don’t.  Figure it out yourself.   I’ve been down this road before.  I’m a smart girl with a brain.  Robbie’s a smart boy with a brain and a beard.  You can think what you want with that, but Robbie and I both knew the outcome of our lifestyle and once we found out, we felt the way we feel.  So now that we got that awkward questions out of the way….

In other news Anna has begun swimming lessons.  Tonight is her 5th of 8th lesson and I have to say, last week she took a leap!  She went from like refusing to let go to swimming around with no help, I can’t wait to see the advances she takes today.  She really does amaze me.  As a mother, I love the feeling of standing back and letting her fly.  As difficult is it is at times, it’s worth it and totally amazing.

Also I got a new car!  Thanks to Robbie’s credit and his uncanny ability to haggle.  We got it for a good price and it’s such a cute little car!  A Kia Soul and I love it.  We got it right after our first ultrasound.  We traded in my old crappy Saturn that was having some pretty dangerous problems.  I personally think after seeing that baby on the screen, the cargo just got more precious but Robbie will never admit that to me.  Although its a standard, and I never thought I’d learn to make it…. well, move.  I love it and I actually love driving it.  Not to mention I am proud of myself for learning because that was one of the hardest things I’ve ever learned.

Other than that and my almost 12 week along pregnancy, that’s about all that’s been going on.  Look back for frequent updates.  I really am gonna try to keep this up, tata for now!